PMP in a Snap

Stakeholder Performance Domain

May 23, 2023 Kaye B Episode 34
PMP in a Snap
Stakeholder Performance Domain
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A structured approach to change helps individuals, groups, and the organization transition from the current state to a future desired state.  All lessons are based on the PMBOK®, 7th Edition.  

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Hello again and today we are talking about stakeholder engagements. Stakeholders aren’t just executives, these could be clients, resources, your team, your boss, it’s anyone who has a stake in the project outcome. 

In PMI, stakeholder performance domain addresses activities and functions associated with stakeholders. Effective execution of this performance domain results in the following desired outcome:

·       Productive working relationship with stakeholders throughout the project

·      Stakeholder agreement with project objectives which is VERY important

·      And Stakeholders who are project beneficiaries. You want to makes sure they feel supported and satisfied while stakeholders. On the other hand, you may have stakeholders who oppose the project or its deliverables. You’ll want to do your best for them not to negatively impact project outcomes. 


At its core, projects are performed by people for people. When you hear that, I know you are going to have an immediately come back and say that’s not entirely true. But think about every single project, the outcome was for a human benefit. Seriously! And if you have an example, send me an email at and I can give you an answer. 


Maintaining alignment and engaging with stakeholders helps to foster positive relationships and satisfaction. A project can have a small group of stakeholders like the C-suite or potentially millions of stakeholders like consumers of cell phones. In addition, there may be different stakeholders in different phases of the project from initiation to closing, and the influence, power, or interests of stakeholders may change as the project unfolds. 


Next week, we are going to talk about implementing strategies for stakeholder engagement.